January 2019

Kate Moore about Lidy's Piece

During an interview by 'Vrije Geluiden (VPRO, NPO 1) the Australian composer Kate Moore explains how she was inspired to write a portrait of Lidy Blijdorp, calld 'Lidy's Piece'.

13,14 October 2018

Viva Italia

Lidy Blijdorp in Viva Italia

Vredenburg Utrecht and Philharmonie Haarlem: the vibes on stage were great again with Rosanne Philippens, Niek Baar and Domo Emigrantes. Classical music, folk music and an audacious mix of both. Read the review here (in Dutch)

Lidy Blijdorp in Viva Italia

3-5 October 2018

Bach Bridges Budapest

Pause festival, Andalusia

A collaboration of Bach festivals in Europe, convening in Budapest to exchange ideas and perform together in several concerts. Lidy Blijdorp was asked to represent the Bach Festival Dordrecht, giving a solo recital with Vasile Luca (cymbalom) and performing the Vivaldi double concerto with Péter Szabó, cello.

15-19 August 2018

Pause Festival in Andalusia

Pause festival, Andalusia

Open-air concerts and arts events at La Donaira. Taking place in a spectacular setting high in the mountains of Andalucia and created by the musicians and visual artists themselves, pause brings the arts to the wild in a celebration and exploration of man's relationship with nature.

21 June 2018


Cello020: Midsummer Concert

A concert with a variety of impressions of warm summer nights.
With Bach suite number 5 and the Herz cycle by Kate Moore, composed for this trio.

Luana van Eeekeren, dance
Luca Cacitti, dance
Jellantsje de Vries, violin
Marieke Schut, oboe
Lidy Blijdorp, violoncello

21 June 2018, 20:15
Amstelkerk, Amsterdam
Click here for more information and tickets.

12 April 2018

Julien Brocal plays with Lidy Blijdorp in the next cello020 concert

Cello020 recital with Julien Brocal

Amstelkerk, Amsterdam: Lidy Blijdorp and French pianist Julien Brocal celebrate 100 years of impressionistic music. Click here for a REVIEW

March 2018

Rococo Variations

Lidy Blijdorp plays with 'Orkest van het Oosten', directed by Jan Willem de Vriend.
16 and 18 March

Tracks with a.o. Rosanne Philippens and Lidy Blijdorp in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw

February 2018

Tracks in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw

Concertgebouw: Rosanne Philippens, Niek Baar and Lidy Blijdorp met the Italian country-players of Domo Emigrantes in an exuberant concert. Recurrences in October 2018 (Haarlem, Utrecht).

Leven onder een Tiran door Lidy Blijdorp, Tobias Borsboom, Rens van Hoogdalem

February 2018

Review CELLO 020 concert about Shostakovitsj

Lidy Blijdorp, Tobias Borsboom and Rens van Hoogdalem performed in the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam with their programme about Shostakovitsj. Maarten Baanders of Cultuurpers wrote a review

November 2017

24 Classics

Lidy Blijdorp, cimbalom-player Vasile Nedea and pianist Julien Brocal in a concert about the various atmospheres of the night: No Tomorrow.

September 2017

First CELLO 020 concert in a full house

Lidy Blijdorp and the Ragazze Quartett presented "The Bullet and the Lark" in the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam. Maarten Baanders of Cultuurpers wrote a review

Cellist Lidy Blijdorp is rehearsing for her performance with the Orchestra of the 18th Century

September 2017

Performance with Orchestra of the 18th Century

On 16 September I had the honour to perform Boccherini, Concerto in G major, for cello and orchestra, G. 480 in Amsterdam on The Amstelveld, the place where Frans Brüggen used to live. The concert was a homage to Frans Brüggen, who founded this great orchestra.

August 2017

East meets West in Grachtenfestival concert

Lidy Blijdorp was given carte blanche for her own Grachtenfestival concert in Amsterdam and invited a Roemenian cimbalom-player and an Arabic singer who also played the ney.

September 2017

Performance with Orchestra of the 18th Century

Klassiek op 't Amstelveld: Performance of Boccherini, Concerto in G major, for cello and orchestra, G. 480. The performance will take place in the main program of this jubilee edition (16 September).

Cellist Lidy Blijdorp is performing with the Orchestra of the 18th Century

September 2017

First concert in New Series "Cello 020" with Ragazze Quartet

Lidy Blijdorp and Friends: every two months friends will be invited for concerts in the beautiful Amstelkerk in Amsterdam. The first concert takes place on Thursday 28 September with the Ragazze Quartet. Expect more than a string quintet: all possible combinations will be explored, from an intimate Bach suite for cello solo to a real Boccherini cello concerto, in which the quartet acts as the orchestra.

Cellist Lidy Blijdorp is starting a new series in the Amstelkerk, Cello 020

Juni 2017

Oerol, Terschelling:
Performances with Leine Roebana / The Stolz / Plastique Fantastique

Dance, music and architecture are blended in these performances: twice a day Loud Shadows/Liquid Events is performed during the Oerol festival in the transparant Bubble. 9 - 18 June,

Cellist Lidy Blijdorp dancing with her cello in a Leine Roebana performance

April 2017

No Tomorrow with
Bram vd Vlugt, Vasile Nedea and Julien Brocal

29 April in Splendor: promotion concert about the various spheres of the night.
Night-time music and stories, read by Bram vd Vlugt. With Julien Brocal, piano and Vasile Nedea, accordeon and cymbalom. Sponsored by the Amsterdam Cellobiennale and Anner Bijlsma.

Anouncement cellist Lidy Blijdorp plays concert No Tomorrow

Tournee with Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra

with new work by Jos Heutmekers: a cello concerto called 'Flux' (change is constant) Listen here to the anouncement broadcast from 'De Spiegelzaal' (immediately after the 10 o'clock news).

Cellist Lidy Blijdorp plays concerts with Nesko

Red Sofa Concert with David Kweksilber

7 January in De Doelen: concert with artist in residence David Kweksilber. He was the centre of a musical adventure in which he performed with various musicians, a.o. our newly-formed quartett, the Emelle quartett – in a performance of the clarinet quintett by Brahms.

New music is being written for this composition: more concerts by David plus Emmelle will follow.

Brahms clarinet quintett by David Kweksilber and Emmelle quartett

December 2016

Artist Diploma 14 December: exam recital

Lidy Blijdorp, cello
Philippe Graffin, violin
Quatuor Girard


Z. Kodaly:

Sonata in B minor for solo cello, op.8

M. Ravel:

Sonata for violin and cello

L. Boccherini:

Concerto in G major, for cello and string quartet, G. 480

October 2016

Dvorák cello concerto with 'Nederlands Blazers Ensemble'

Lidy Blijdorp played the 2nd movement of the Dvorák cello concerto at the final concert of the Radio 4 'Hart en Ziel' festival. The concert took place in Tivoli Vredenburg and featured the most favourite music sent in by the listeners.

October 2016

'Anner's cello', by Jan Brokken and Lidy Blijdorp

After the successful launch of 'Four Variations for Cello', by four famous Dutch/Belgian authors, Lidy Blijdorp joins Jan Brokken on a tour of literary concerts with the theme: 'Bach and the cello of Anner Bijlsma'. Their first performance will be at Schiermonnikoog in March 2017. More details will follow.

September 2016

Interview by 'Cultuurpers'

Cultuurpers article

June 2016

Project with Leine Roebana continues next year

The successful cooperation between the Stolz quartett and the Leine Roebana dancers will get a follow-up at Oerol 2017. The production was awarded 4 stars in the NRC.

From the press:

"Moore's music is played live by The Stolz Quartet, that plays their own subtle part in the choreography. Stolz seems to be created for this kind of adventurous searching for the genre boundaries. The integration of disciplines is totally convincing. A wonderful highlight among the many touching and funny moments, is the solo of cellist Lidy Blijdorp." – NRC, Joep Stapel
"In 'Herz' the performance of oboist Schut is downright touching. Cellist Blijdorp is the most prominent appearance of the quartet with her uninhibited style and the sincere sounds from her instrument" – Noordhollands Dagblad, Nanska van de Laar

May 2016

A new cello for Lidy Blijdorp

From now on Lidy will play the beautiful Italian cello of Anner Bijlsma. During the last Amsterdam Cello Biennale Lidy and other cellists brought a homage to Anner Bijlsma. The concert was named 'Anner Bijlsma 80 years!' Accompanied by Juan Perez Albeniz and Mike Fentross, Lidy Blijdorp played a sonate by Luigi Boccherini.

September 2015

Lidy Blijdorp performs with Maria João Pires in Partitura project

In cooperation with the Chapelle Elizabeth (near Brussels), Maria João Pires has launched the Partitura project to create favourable circumstances for transmission, by encouraging reciprocal listening between generations: proposing well-known musicians to foster young musicians, to invite them (as the name suggests) to share the concert platform.
Lidy Blijdorp and Maria João Pires play Beethoven sonata
It is about rising to the challenge - for a music school like The Chapelle, a composer, a musician, even for everyone in the audience: it is about awakening that sound which can easily escape us, but which gives us all meaning.

One of these performances took place on 16 September, when Pires played a Beethoven concert with violinist Lorenzo Gatto and cellist Lidy Blijdorp in Auditorio Nacional, Madrid. The program consisted of a cello sonata, a violin sonata and the Ghost trio.